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Mickey Herskowitz

The 1939 Texas Aggies

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THE 1939 TEXAS AGGIES tells the incredible story of the 1939 national football champions, the Texas A&M Aggies. From a program on the verge of being eliminated in 1934, award-winning sports writer Mickey Herskowitz describes the stunning climb to the national championship the Aggies experienced in 1939, with a near repeat in 1940. Led by a former baseball player, Homer Norton, the Texas Aggies recruited a remarkable collection of young men, including John Kimbrough, Marion Pugh, Marshall Foch Robnett, and Tommie Vaughn. Under Norton's leadership, he forged a collection of boys into a team of young men still revered in Aggieland. This masterful story of the national champions includes a game-by-game account of the 1939 and 1940 seasons, player bios, rare photographs, and interviews with members of the team. This book is a must have for all Texas Aggie football fans. Makes a great gift!



"I coached football for thirty years at Texas A&M and the ‘39 Team was always the shining star in our past that we were trying to follow. This book gives an insightful and interesting look into that team, its players, coaches and that era of college football."

— R.C. Slocum
Former Head Coach, Texas A&M University

"For any college football program, winning a national championship is a big deal, and for Texas A&M in 1939, it would prove to be even bigger than normal. A group of young men who excelled both academically and militarily prevailed over all the customary "powerhouse" programs and put Texas A&M on the map. The extraordinary success of those men and their generation left its mark and set the standard for all to come."

— Jackie Sherrill
Former Head Coach, Texas A&M University

"A book that inspires and instructs; the ’39 Team embodied what is right about Texas A&M and right about America."

— Jack Rains, '60
Attorney, Mediator, and former Secretary of State of Texas